10 Speedy Tips For Proofreading Your Copy

Proofreading And Editing is a lot more often than not a neglected duty by a lot of copy writers. Should you value, however, the opinion of your readers then proofreading and editing is but a little price to pay for the success you enjoy because of them. If you are much into search engine optimization, proofreading is a must.

Understanding What to watch out for

Before anything else, editing might only be made possible if you know what to look for. This means having a considerable realize of all of the intricacies of proper grammar and punctuation as well as solid understanding on spelling. In the event you fail in any of these counts, you must work on them because they can certainly earn a huge difference with the superior of your copies as well.

Suitable Surroundings

Proofreading is a job that requires great concentration, so find an atmosphere suitable to do the job. Get rid of all possible sources of distraction as well.

In Writing

It’s easier to overlook errors when you are editing with your computer so do print your copy on paper whenever possible. It might be far more costly this way, but don’t you think the sales you can certainly generate for a well-written copy can certainly easily offset the expense?

The proper Mindset

The best way to proofread your copy is to have clear expectations of finding errors. If you think of your work as flawless, you”re a lot more liable to overlook errors. Remember: a positive outlook – even if it means finding errors in this case – always helps in getting a positive outcome.

Go through

Subdue the longing to study in the pace that you”re used to. Instead, go through your copy slowly and read it out loud if possible. Reading will help you find errors in the style and cohesion of your writing.

When you”re done reading from beginning to end, try reading it backwards. The brain tries to automatically correct any spotted error in the content, making you read what you think you see instead of what you”re in fact seeing. By reading backwards, you prevent your brain from correcting on auto-mode and view your work for what it really is.

Visual Appeal

Proofread includes correcting the look of your copy. Take notice to wrong spacing and margins, irregular font styling, and improperly capitalized words. Without a doubt, pay greater attention to words in uppercase as it’s much more difficult to see errors in that format.


Editing includes ensuring almost everything about your copy is consistent. Uniformity, after all, makes a web copy far more attractive. If you use a certain name for reference, be sure to use that name at all times as opposed to confuse your readers with various synonyms sprinkled across your text.

Sentence structure and Spell Check

The options for these mechanisms provided by your processor are not always right. And no, this does not mean that you”re smarter but they”re most likely not configured the right way. In any case, do not rely on them to do your work for you.

Again and again

Proofreading seriously isn’t an one-time process. You need to do it over and over and at properly spaced intervals to make sure your copy is entirely error-free.

Another Point of the View

Last but not the least, have somebody else – preferably one with the necessary knowledge and practical experience – proofread your work. You never have to pay a professional to do it. Should you know other copywriters, you could strike a deal and proofread each other’s work.

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