Get Answers For Life In 2011

I’ve spent twenty five years plus working with people and couples, helping them to produce positive alter in their lives. Ten of those years had been spent in a full time private practice as a psychotherapist.

Over the years, I’ve learned a minimum of just a little about life, individuals, alter, joy and pain. I’ve learned a great deal about myself. My successes have taught me a great deal. And pain has taught me a great deal. Pain I’ve inflicted on myself and pain I’ve caused other people.

When I left house for college, I understood life. Nicely, I thought I did. It turns out I didn’t. Not by a lengthy shot. I grew up in an environment where the all of the answers had been given to me. If anybody had any questions about life, such as “God,” the answers had been correct there in black and white. Over the years, I discovered the tough way, that life, such as “God” is far from black and white. I had to let go of life with simple answers. Or it was going to destroy me. It wasn’t simple, and also the procedure nearly did me in. It was messy and painful. It was agonizing.

I’ve heard a great deal of “answers” to life’s tough questions. Answers ranging from very conservative Christian thinking to mind blowing metaphysical thinking. And here’s what I’ve concluded: It is all opinion. Nobody knows for certain with regards to the tough questions about life.

I’ve had clients who’ve lived via or with every thing from…

Sexual abuse beyond what you could envision
Severe mental and emotional abuse
Severe abuse from their churches
Horrible medical conditions that ended their lives
Lives becoming torn apart by a psychopath)
Parents of adolescents or grown kids who committed suicide
Alcoholism and drug addiction
Monetary ruin that was beyond their control

I could go on, but that is sufficient. I’m certain it wasn’t pleasant reading.

It wasn’t pleasant working with my clients who dealt with these issues, however it was much more meaningful and humbling than I could put into words. Via them, and via experiences in my own life (that I wouldn’t wish on anybody) I’ve learned that for numerous issues in life, you will find no simple answers. It is type of ironic, simply because that is a fairly black and white statement. But, it is the very best I can do on the topic.

I do not mean there is not any hope or comfort to be had. If there is 1 factor I’ve learned, human beings are unbelievably resilient. In a mind boggling way. I just mean there is not any simple answers to some issues.

I believe we are here on earth to discover, grow and adore. Particularly to adore and be loved.

Still, life is frequently complicated, messy and overwhelming…and with out “easy answers.”

I would adore to hear what you believe.

Mike Hiskuw is the founder of TopReachAnswersForLife website, offering life and business coaching. He offers seminars and training as well as private coaching. More information at get answers for life

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