Guided Meditation Downloads Help You Relax

Pressed for time or money but you need to relax or want to learn meditation? A yoga nidra download is an excellent solution.

But first, what is yoga nidra? Yoga nidra literally means yogic sleep in Sanskrit. You become completely relaxed in the practice, both body and mind. It doesn’t require concentration, all you have to do is listen and follow along.

There are many benefits to practicing yoga nidra. Three benefits in particular tend to draw people to this kind of meditation:

One. First, you have the opportunity to relax very deeply, shedding layer after layer of stress.

Secondly, the unconscious mind has the opportunity to purge unhealthy patterns that can lead to negative thinking, bad habits, and even health problems.

And thirdly, practitioners can have a deep experience of meditation without effort, even if they are complete beginners.

Unlike other forms of meditation where you have to sit upright in an uncomfortable position, yoga nidra is practiced while lying comfortably on your back. This position helps trigger the relaxation response. This helps you cut down on cortisol production. Cortisone is the stress hormone. Cortisol overproduction can cause weight gain and a number of health problems. In this way, yoga nidra is not only good for stress relief and meditation, it can help keep you healthy and trim.

There are eight stages of yoga nidra practice that the facilitator will guide you through. The most important, however, is the sankalpa, or resolve.

You set a resolve toward the beginning of the practice. This is like a key that you use to open in the unconscious mind. You will also recall the sankalpa at the end.

The resolve is a positive statement that directs what arises out of the unconscious. Think of it as a release trigger. Through repeated practice, more and more unhealthy mental patterns can be released, while at the same time nourishing your sankalpa so it can grow roots.

You might just find a yoga nidra class or facilitator nearby in your hometown.

You can also purchase a yoga nidra download so that you can enjoy the benefits on your own time at home. Then you will be able to practice yoga nidra whenever and wherever you want. And a yoga nidra mp3 is very inexpensive.

To buy a yoga nidra mp3 download, visit this yoga nidra download page.

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