Mobile Home Loan

Looking for funding or staff credit for the purchase of a mobile home, new or used? A credit mobile home nine is a personal loan or a credit consumption classic with agencies and companies as credits mediation, or a universal bank like BNP Paribas, credit mutual bank Barclays, HSBC…

The credits for individual mobile home provided by the debt consolidation is an amount ranging from 3,000 euros to 80 000 over 84 months (7 years). Interest rates are TEG and range from 7 5% to 19% … of the establishment financier. I acquisition of a mobile home is a major purchase because of a commitment over many years: Make sure your debt ratio must not exceed 33% in order to avoid the additional monthly surendettement.

LA will be about 700 euros per month, not to overlook…. without counting the cost of registration (since this is a car), the cost of insurance , maintenance, gasoline … the extra cost may go up to 1,000 euros per month on average over your personal finances on 7 ans. Acheter a mobile home credit is equivalent to buying a car, motorcycle, boat, caravan, car … It is also possible to buy the mobile home via a dealer or garage with a credit mobile home often more expensive than the credit line (as an obligation).

They are often older and pensions that are the acquisition of vehicles such as the mobile home is considered a luxury. Do not forget: ask the security pieces workforce in mobile home dealer.
If you are in situations of debt, because of consumer credit or property that you own or rent a simulation redemption credit line can be done by completing the form at the top of this page.

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