Out Of Body Experience Information, Facts, and Tips

An out of body experience, aka OBE or astral projection, is the state in which the mind apparently leaves the body. This usually lasts for only a few minutes, not normally more. Allegedly, the “soul” leaves the body for those few minutes and that is what it is all about. Some think it may be a delusion or a trick. Research is ongoing though, to get an insight of what this might actually be. There is no scientific evidence as of now that the mind can actually leave the body but hey, who knows what might be revealed in the future? After all, many people have reached this state and have had an OBE, so it is certainly real.

This experience can be fascinating and terrifying at the same time, but because of the curiosity that it has evoked, you will find out of body experience how to guides to teach you how to do it. It might seem spooky for some and frustrating for others because it takes a good deal of patience and relaxation to achieve it. So, it is better to be patient and follow the out of experience how to guide carefully.

Let us now see how one can achieve an OBE. This out of body experience how to guide will tell you just how to do it. Mostly, one can experience an OBE through meditation. Also, too much stress and trauma may cause an OBE. OBE can also be induced through drugs. It also might happen during sleep and that is apparently the scariest. As mentioned above, it can be experienced on purpose too but many do not know how. For now, you follow this out of body experience how to guide and try it yourself.

This out of body how to guide though explains easy steps to achieve an OBE.

– Relax your body. Relaxation is very important. Lie down and stretch thoroughly so that all the stress is relieved.
– Make yourself as relaxed as you would while trying to fall asleep. This seems easy but it will be very difficult because you will be consciously waiting for something to happen. So, try patiently. All your fears and tensions must be gone.
– Develop a breathing pattern. Master it such that you follow it even without realizing. If you think about your breathing too much, it won’t help you achieve an OBE.
– If you are following the above steps correctly, after a while of breathing, a tingling sensation will be felt – first indication that OBE is coming.
– Exactly at this point, envision yourself [your mind and body] leaving your body, starting with your head, then slowly and progressively down to your toes. This “rolling out” of your body is the best method.

It might be very difficult at first and for some people, it might even take months to achieve it. However, you can have an OBE relatively quickly and easily by listening to certain brainwave frequency recordings. When you have an OBE, your brainwaves are in a certain state in which the neurons run at a completely different rate than normal. So, when trying to achieve an OBE while listening to these brainwave frequencies, your mind will already be operating at the level that is required to achieve an OBE, making it so much easier! Without the recordings, you may not ever have an OBE, but with them, it is almost guaranteed! It’s so cool!

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