Tracing the roots of erotic photography

When Louis Daguerre learned his photographic procedure, the daguerreotype, in 1835, photography was born. Shortly – some say immediately – after that, erotic photography was born. Naturally, photographers wanted to take photos of the nude female body and create permanent, everlasting images that they could keep and display. However it was not simple to take photos back then, using complex techniques, and frequently requiring loads of equipment. The invention of the Leica 35mm camera is what most experts agree started the revolution of erotic photography. The compact camera took photography out of the professional studio and delivered it to a mass market. And the art of erotic photography began a rapid and explosive rise in popularity.

If a photographer could get a female or girl who was willing to strip for his camera, and pose for nude, erotic photos, the process was all of a sudden inexpensive. The cost for black and white film was inexpensive, and the average individual with a darkroom could pretty easily develop their own erotic photos. Much of this early erotica was for private use, but soon the demand for erotic photos created a marketplace for prints, frequently in postcard size, and ultimately lead to the creation of magazines. The moral climate in the early days of nude, erotic photography prevented these prints and publications from receiving wide distribution, and they were often sold “under the counter” and only to trusted clients.

When color film was initial invented, numerous an amateur photographer embraced it, but it was not as easy to develop in your own house. And taking a roll of erotic art photos to a camera store or pro lab for processing and printing could be a risky proposition. The creation and mass marketing of the Polaroid camera, with its self-developing prints, make shooting sexy nude photos easier than ever and perfectly private. Then, when digital camcorders and cameras became commonplace, it became simpler than ever to take your personal erotic photos. The digital age allowed the creation of nude, sexy, explicit, erotic art photography on a truly epic, and entirely global scale.

Within the exact same time it takes for a girl to strip naked and expose herself to the camera, the photos taken could be saved, uploaded and distributed around the world in just moments. Thanks to the web, a college girl in Copenhagen can expose her sexy, nude body with friends, lovers and others anywhere within the world. Within seconds of stripping their clothes off, anybody can be exposed to a number of people across the world, with the help of a webcam or digital camera.

It’s tough to say where the future of erotic photography will lead us, and what new developments it’ll bring. It is tough to think about such leaps and bounds becoming made as we go into the future, but it will likely occur.

Sarah writes about a variety of subjects, including erotic girl and erotica. When she’s not busy with work, you can find her playing with her dogs and hiking around Tahoe.

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