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Episode Summary: Susan vows to get the most out of life when she learns that her dialysis isn’t working and that, unless she receives a kidney transplant soon, she will die.

Following her suicide, Mary Alice Young keeps tabs on friends and family she left behind on bucolic suburban Wisteria Lane. But this being a prime-time soap (if a tongue-in-cheek one), they all harbor a sordid secret or two.

Desperate Housewives is an American television comedy-drama series, which was created by Marc Cherry, who is on the road Wisteria Lane in the fictional town is Fairview Eagle State. It tells the story of a group of middle-aged women, as shown by the ghost of the dead neighbor. Fighting for the domestic bliss and family life, even in front of the secrets revealed, secrets, crimes and behind the doors of the beautiful and seemingly perfect suburban neighborhood.

Show features Teri Hatcher Susan Mayer, Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo, Gabrielle Solis, Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross and Bree Van de Kamp. The next dead Strong as Mary Alice Young’s voice, which occurs from time to time the dreams and flashbacks, Brenda.
Here’s what you miss Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 15: Farwell letter, which was presented February 20, 2011. Lynette and Tom felt it was time to Porter and Preston, their twins to leave their own and learn about art and life are responsible adults. But the twins ended up moving into an apartment that is too close to home. On the other hand as part of treatment of Gabrielle, she and Carlos have visited his hometown to face the past and then they discovered that he left a lasting imprint on the city. Keith, played by Brian Austin Green Bree asked to move to Florida with him to get closer to his son, while Susan uses her kidney disease to have an extra special attention and in public places, and when he sent his son Zach rehabilitation, Paul has made a decision about his life with Beth, played by guest star Emily Bergl.

Susan wishes to make the most of her life when she discovers that her dialysis does not work and that if she receives a kidney transplant soon enough, she will die. Bree makes her an opportunity to find a kidney donor for Susan. Gabrielle Juanita pressure to arrive at a figure that should trump all, after she is jealous of Bob Lee and adopted daughter of routine for a talent show coming school. On the other hand, Lynette put a plan into action to counter the obvious non-native Ren?e to adopt a baby, and Beth young people struggling to know what to do with his precious life after Paul’s kicked out of the home.

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