What should you have in your website to catch new customers

Whatever business website you have the first impression that a new visitor has when lands to your website counts, it makes the difference between just a new visitor and a new customer. Here are some tips on how to make a sales magnet website.

Show them what is unique with your company

Highlight the quality and the options that your competitors can’t offer to your potential customers, or rather, highlight what your customers can get with your company but not with the competitors. Also make sure your customers know who is behind the company, it gives the feeling of assurance and security.

How can they reach you

Nobody likes to be left on their own while they are dealing with something and paying someone, make sure you give as much possible ways to your customers to reach the support staff and get their problems solved immediately.

Show trust

A customer who wants to buy your product would like to know about your company and the people you deal with. Adding customer testimonials, client lists, recognition, awards etc on the website not only adds to your standing but also makes it easier for the customers to trust you.

Assure Customers About Their Privacy

Fearing about personal information’s being lost online is steadily increasing, make your customers feel safe and show them how do you treat their data, protect their privacy and make use of encrypted data.

Well structured site

Don’t make your potential clients waste time trying to find your information’s on your site, they might get tired and hit the back button. Instead make a compelling and easy to navigate site so the process from when visitor lands to your website till they hit the order button takes as less time as possible.

Short and concise order process

Just as for the navigation above mentioned the order process should be simple, effective and straight forward. Do not waste your visitors time with useless information’s, require only the necessary ones and keep the form as short as possible, the less time a visitor needs to spend to place the order the higher the conversion is.

Sweet limited time deals

Not to miss deals that are on a limited time will rush visitors to hit the order button and not miss this sweet deal, offer some great promotion, limit the time and increase you sales.

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